Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I Place an Order?

Register and Login with your Credentials. You will be automatically Redirected to the Order Page. Select the Package you want and Give the Link and Quantity you Need. Place Order! Make sure you have enough Funds in your Account else You should have to  add fund by Paytm before Placing the order.

How to Add Funds through Paytm?

Follow our step by step Process below.

Step 1 : Go to Add Funds page and Download any of the QR Code.

Step 2 : Open the Paytm App and Click on the Pay Button where you can scan the QR Codes.

Step 3 : Click on the Below show image and select the Downloaded QR Code.

Step 4: Enter the Amount you would like to Add in to your panel.

Step 5: Lets say you want to add 45Rs example.

Step 6 : Enter the 18 Digits Order ID here which is showing in the Rectangular Box in the Add funds page below the QR Code. Click here to Add.

Funds will be added Automatically after entering the Order Id and Amount.

What is Partial Status?

Partial Status is when we partially refund the remains of an order. Sometimes for some reasons we are unable to deliver a full order, so we refund you the remaining undelivered amount. Example: You bought an order with quantity 10,000 and charges 100Rs, let's say we delivered 9 000 and the remaining 1 000 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 1 000 (10Rs in this example).You can try placing a New Order again.

When Will My Order be Completed?

Most of the Cases the Orders gets Completed with in 24 Hours. In an Extreme rare case if the Order isn't Started You can Always create support ticket or WhatsApp if an Order is not Started Even After Passing 24 Hours.

What is Refill?

When there is drop in the Followers or Likes, then the Quantity which is dropped will be given again by the Tigersmmpanel  with out any Extra Charges. A Support Ticket is needed to be Created for the Refill.(Refill will be done only to the Packages which is having Refill option

Order Cancelled?

If your Order Status is Showing Cancelled, Don't Worry. It may happen in some extreme cases. Check whether the Account is in Private and the link provided is Working. Sometimes the order will be Cancelled from server side if cant able to deliver. 

All Cancelled Orders Will be Refunded Automatically to your Panel.

NOTE: No two orders should be done for the same Link either in the Tigersmmpanel or any other SMM PANEL Refund will not be done in this Case.

Still Have a Questions?

Create a Support Ticket. Or WhatsApp Reply will be [0-24 ] Hours